Obeah Helped Biden & Harris Win

US Election Battle Won on Spiritual Plain

Caribbean people nein a ramp during this U.S presidential election! Many paid big money for Obeah man and woman to coalesce the universal energy of spirits good and bad, to bring about the political downfall of former U.S. President Donald Trump.

De Obeah werk!

After an 18-day stand-off, Trump instructed officials to do ‘what needs to be done’. He signed off on President-elect Joe Biden receiving classified intelligence reports but stopped short of conceding the election.

Obeah is a Jamaican shamanistic religion. A system of spiritual healing and justice-making practices developed among enslaved Africans in the Caribbean.

Obeah is similar to Haiti’s Vodoun, Cuba’s Santeria, or even New Orleans’s Voodoo in that they are honored vestiges of our African heritage.

These belief systems and their enduring practices traveled with Jamaican and other English, French, and Spanish speaking Caribbean people wherever they went.

Obeah is practiced in large English speaking Caribbean populations in Toronto, Miami, New York, and London. It’s not surprising the devotees came out to help Biden and Vice President-elect Harris, who is a daughter of Jamaica, win the election.

They needed to counteract the efforts of Trump’s Obeah woman — Paula White, the former White House spiritual advisor. She spoke in tongues during prayer broadcasts to defeat the former president’s opponents and even called upon Angels from Africa to cement Trump’s re-election.

It was rough in these spiritual streets! The Republicans won Florida casting doubt on whether our ancestral efforts were strong enough to undo the spiritual machinations of some of Miami’s Cubans who are disproportionately Trump supporters. This is because their blood sacrifices have been known to support their political will.

But it didn’t matter, Santeria priests in Cuba announced in their annual prophesy, back in January 2020 that Trump might not be re-elected, stressing the need for patience and dialogue.


Let’s give thanks to the Obeah workers, the unspoken heroes of the election who contributed to the Biden and Harris victory.

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